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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2006

Location: Agra, India

MapThis morning was an early start as we went to the Taj Mahal to see the sunrise on it and see the change of colour in the stone. it was hard to believe that we were standing right in front of it. we werent allowed to take anything in with us, only really our cameras and money. they supplied us with a small bottle of water. we arranged for a professional photographer to take some photos of us in front of it and got duped again as later when we collected the photos he insisted we pay for all that he took - all 8 even though only 3 were asked for! Sneaky buggers. anyway we had some free time to wander around so we took some photos for ourselves and walked up to go inside. it was quite impressive - for a tomb! again marble inlaid and carved beautifully. we left Agra that morning and headed back to Delhi. We arrived a little after dark to a different hotel not far from a reasonably good market place. we walked down to have a look around before tea and decided to come back & do some shopping tomorrow. we met in the basement come restaurant at 6 when our tour guide passed on the greivance that the driver was complaining that we didnt give him a big enough tip. we explained to idris what a tip was - and that we gave him what we as individuals thought was enough. needless to say that there were some very offended people there. As this was our last night together as a group and the hotel retaurant was rubbish we headed out to find on that this hotel had recommended. turns out it was great. the portions were so large some couldnt finish their meals whereas before if we orded that much it was just enough.