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Ruth and Rebekah’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Delhi, India

MapOur last day!!! Yay!!! But it wasnt that easy to get out of here was it!! The day started off reasonably well, we got a driver for the day to take us to a few of the malls around town which in reality turned out to be a waste of time as they were all upmarkets shops, not shops with souvineers which is what we were looking for. we were looking for things the locals would buy. so after running all around town we ended up back in karol bagh, but not anywhere we had been before. we were completely lost. we asked a lady in a shop for directions and she sent us in the wrong direction. so we gave up and asked some rickshaw drivers to take us back to the hotel. but no, they didny know where it was, they didnt want our money. we finally found one who would take us home. back at the hotel we just walked back to the market. but along the way a rickshaw driver offered us a lift. we accepted and then he tried to take us to some emporiums. didnt he get a surprise when we told him firmly no and directed him to the market! after shopping ourselves out we came back to the hotel and had a shower. now the fun started. we had paid for another night for the convenience of having the room to shower, so when we went to pay they didnt accept credit cards. we didnt have the cash on us and we HAD to leave for the airport in 30 minutes. after ruth created quite a scene they took us to an atm to get the cash. the driver was trying to make small talk but the smart alec comments coming from the back kept it very brief. we paid for the room and got the hell out of there. we made it to the airport on time. we had to tell the idiot airport staff to get out of the way so we could get into the terminal, but not before we had to get it through ther heads about etickets. we then were sent back from the check in counter because we didnt get our bags security checked. ruth again had to open her bag to be checked because of all the cords in her bag along with the hair straightener. so then, we still had one lady from the tour with us, while she got some money changes, we got some water, but not before the salesman sat there for 5 minutes doing something else and only seemed to move when we just walked away. back at the moneychangers they wouldnt take one of Maureens 500rupee notes, as it was apparently a fraud, even though this fraudulent note had the security marks on it. we think that they didnt want it because it was ripped and sticky taped together. we went up the restaurant upstairs and had some soup, chicken burger and, you guessed it, masala tea. we went through immigration and were so happy when they called us to board. it was a real shame to have to leave india with such a bad view of it but maybe things will mellow in time and we'll think about the nice things - whatever they were.