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Leah’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Apr 2007

MapHey Everyone!!!

I know it's been a while - maybe life is too hectic in this gay old town!!! But as hectic as it is I wouldn't have it any other way.

I haven't been taking many photos lately, but I will fill you in with the ones I have taken.

Mum's 50th was spent down in Syndey at the Westin hotel - this place knocked all our socks off and some of our toes too!! The opulence of the hotel just blew us away. It's about time Mum spoiled herself!

The other photos are of Carolin, Louise and I atDiamond Bar on Pitt Street, where Jagged edge were playing. AAAH! we were teenage girls within 15 mins of their arrival! Tell him to meet ME at the alter - I'm there buddy!

Apart from that - work has been hectic, but still very enjoyable;My fish Audrey died at three weeks old; I bought a new car; I've just booked a holiday to America in September; Coby came to stay for a week while she had work experience at Cosmo Magasine and my congratulations go out to her, as they asked her back for a 3 month internship!; Claudia will be down here in a week for work experience too, effective next Monday!; been catching up Nikki and her lovley man, Jim, who've found a gorgeous place right on Manly corso - so convenient; so slowly but surely, the world is being lured into the arms of this beautiful city!!!!

I'm so excited about tonight - Carolin and I are going to Max Brenna to indulge in his ridiculous chocolate recipes. I dragged a few of the girls there on my birthday, but i think after the Yum Cha, it didn't sit quite so well..... But I'm a'savin' room tonight!!!! wooh!

Love and kisses to all!!!!!