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Cat’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2006

Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

MapHong Kong Foooey,

Arrived safe and sound from rainy England yesterday afternoon. The local bus took 3 hrs to get to my hostel (Chungking Mansions) which happens to be the size of a council block with a weird market underneath it. My room (for 4) is the size of a postage stamp and has no window but is en suite. It does however have amazing a/c (which leaks) but in the 29degree heat and humidity it is much needed. However, it is quiet and clean and friendly.

Hong Kong is a manic city - colourful and full of wonderful sounds and smells. The haze has meant that I can't yet see the beautiful views but i got the WOW factor yesterday when I walked to the Star Ferry point and saw Hong Kong Island in dusk - it is like a light show with all the neon lights. The Chinese seem to have a thing for bright lights and large signage!!!

Have been to a couple of temples seen the botanical gardens and listened to some mad gibbons screaming their heads off in the Zoo.

Photos to follow.

Tomorrow off to find buddas......