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Cat’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Jul 2007

Location: Kune, New Zealand

MapNot a huge amount has changed since last week. I have finally sorted out my rental boots and now have the right size so can turn my feet without them lifting out of my boot!!! And the difference ios amazing.

Had a great ski this morning - the weather yet again is pants like all my days off but the snow was lush and am definitely improving.

The weekend brought our first event of the season. It was the Retro GS with handicap times depending on age of gear and amount of neon used in clothing - It was hilarious. There were some great porno Mo's out and about too! Aftwer event drinks were also very amusing!

The girls in customer services have started going to salsa now on wednesday nights which is taken by some of the Chilean guys who also work up the hill (we geta greta discount) - It is great fun and good to do something a bit different - My hips are loving it and it is great after a bit of a ski to losen up the legs a little! It is such a laugh - We are trying to recruit more guys tho - why is it men are so reluctant to try out a bit of dancing??? !!!!

Off to book my flights back to OZ will be celebrating the BIG 30 in Byron if anyone fancies it???