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Cat’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Aug 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapYet another week hs past - This week I had some visitors - Zara and Brandon from Planet Perth trip can to stay for a few days.

They had some great days skiing in and both did really well learning - and thankfully have got them both hooked!!!

We had some great nights out in Altitude and Margies for half price Mexican (Salsa has to be put on hold this week- hopefully will catch up with the missed moves this wed) Thursday we went to Ladies night at the Keg - This is the only time most of us can afford the Powderkeg!

Went to see the Mangawhero Falls with Zara and Brand - this is where Gollum fishes in Lord of the Rings. And even more exciting is Merry or Pippin (Charlie from Lost) was up for a ski on Sat! They satyed in the Powderhorn Chateau when they filmed here. We were all very excited! Shame the weather closed in at midday and the mountain closed!!!! ON sat night Cornerstome Roots a regae band were playing in one of the local bars whihc was ace.

No other news as yet Row is coming to stay an a couple of weeks and am doing the avalanche course soon.