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Cat’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Aug 2007

Location: Kune, New Zealand

MapWell not much has been going on over the last week or so. We have finally had some marvellous weather and have had some pretty good skiing days in. The new chair lift has been open and will post some pics from the bluebird days soon as it has been truely beautiful and finally worth being here!

We have also had some closed days yet again - Visited a couple of other local towns - Have now been to Raetihi, Wanganui and Taihape (all very strange farming small towns, Taihape is gum (wellies to you and me) boot capital!) did some shopping and got out of Kune for a day which is the main thing - it's good to get a change of scenery.

Have had a pretty full on cold/flu so been resting up socially but a couple of the rentals guys had a "p" party yesterday - I went as a pixie princess - I think I may have looked more like Gollum tho!!! Pics will follow.

Not much else to report apart from I have been fed up with 9 hour days, closed days, no money and up until today I was going to jack it all in so I have had a word with my manager and gone semi full-time - this means will be very poor but it does mean I get the afternoons off during the week and will work full time at the weekends - finally I think I will be able to improve my skiing and boarding no end.

Had a fab ski today and tomorrow I have decided to give boarding another chance and am going to get up there and kick arse!!! Tomorrow is also the pimps and porn stars party - I am not yet sure what I think of this one or whether I will partake - feel a bit old for it!

Oh and even more exciting I have taken up crochet!!! My Grannies would be so proud of me. I have finished a beanie already and it doesn't look too bad for my first go. Will put a pic on my blog for you all to see and I willt ake requests for a small fee and be warned all you Christmas babies you'll all end up with beanies for presents this year!!!

Over and out for now CAT