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Cat’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007

Location: Kune, New Zealand

MapHave had a crazy week at work because of such lush weather. We had our busiest day on sat with 6000 people coming to the mountain. Sunday was pretty full on too but and got a great ski in yesterday - went over to Whakapapa to see what the ski was like - great snow over there and they have heeaps more than us - shame that the weather has gone a bit pants again. We also need to start snow dancing!!!!

On Thursday we had Turoa vs Whakapapa Tug o War it was a fab night out over at Whakapapa village. If we hadn't won we would have done with our chanting it was a fab night we were a united front - went to the lodge afterwards!

Not much else to report have 6 weeks left here before I head south. Have been doing abit of boarding recently and having heaps of fun doing it! So have decided that I am going o ive it a go once a week!

Have met fellow surfie who is going to be spending some time in the north surfing with me which I am already looking forward to!