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rgl’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006

Location: Changzhou, China

MapAs we drove from our home to the airport the dawn was approaching. In the lightening sky the moon's crescent hovered above a lone star in the eastern sky. Strangest thought went through my head we were heading to the far east by flying west, flying across the international date line into tomorrow. The clear sky promised smooth sailing and that is what we got, a calm and peaceful trip through the air.

As we approached the eastern coast of China, the land called the Middle Kingdom, on the approach to Shanghai, I was struck by how the Yangtze River had created such a huge stain on the Pacific Ocean/China Sea. The ships travelling through these waters looked as though they were floating on a sand desert.

We were met at the airport and taken to our new home city, the city of Changzhou. The drive from Shanghai to Changzhou was a rather long three hours in rainy and smoggy conditions. We were then fed before being taken to our new lodging. Twenty-five hours after leaving our home in Canada, we were able to go to bed and rest.