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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Sep 2004

Location: Eversley, England

MapHi all,

Its early am, and we've been at The White Hart since 9ish. A few of pints of TEA and one final Guinness to say goodbye...thanks to all who made it down and farewell to The White Hart, although I dont think the switch card will miss you...

Yes, as usual, left it 'till the last minute. Thanks for all the good luck messages, crikey, going to be in Ecuador in not too long. As you may or may not know, I'm off with Richie for the next three months...see /richie for what he's been up to lately, we're off to South America (Ecuador. Peru, Bolivia, Chile) and will keep you posted when we can.

I haven't had an opportunity to say hello/goodbye to everyone (a few voicemails left, and Dave, big apologies to you and Naomi, I'll be thinking of you and keep me posted...), adios, I'll be in touch and keep the mails coming.

So, Hola! y dos cerveza por favour, I hope the audio Spanish tapes have got it right for the first night. I'll endeavour to keep this up to date and keep in touch.

Here's to avoiding hurricanes in Miami on the way and hear from you soon,