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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Sep 2004

Location: Coca, Peru

MapThe edge of the Amazon. 12 hours on Fran, our tour truck, from Otavalo to Coca meant time for a couple of breakdowns before arriving and going on a mission to make sure that all of the Pilsner in Coca was consumed in one night, and that the town was kept awake until all hours with some of the best Karaoke in the world, including timeless renditions of 'New York, New York' from Richie, and 'Dust in the Wind' by Rod (our tour driver). Needless to say plenty of cheesy crap was sung as well.

The hangovers were of course all welcome on the 8 hour boat ride on the river Napo to our Amazon jungle base, which was to be our home for three days. I suppose three days is enough to get used to ice cold showers. To overcome anyones fear of spiders and jungle creepy crawleys obviously meant having a few drinks. The litre of Cacique Ecuador rum didn't feel so clever the next morning during the 2 hr jungle trek in a torrential downpour.

Now if your going into the rainforest, I recommend rememering to take your waterproofs...