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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Sep 2004

Location: Cuenca, Peru

Map3rd day in Cuenca, mostly spent recovering. Salsa dancing to a live band with the locals attempting to pull evry female member of our group, fuelled by far too many Cuba Libra´s followed by an evening arguing with the bouncers of a local club as to why they should let us in...the persuasive powers of drunk people (Letto) are amazing sometimes.

Unfotuantely this was the beginning of the bad luck for the tour bar managers. My fellow bar manger Nic was mugged on the way back from a bar, passport, wallet, everything. Thankfully physically unharmed and following some eventful trips to the Irish consulate in Ecuador (surely he should be retired by now), Nic is back to top form, and keeping the bar well stocked and the troops happy.

So an extra day in Cuenca was spent at the local footy match, Deportivo Cuenca vs Nationale. Looking the part in our newly purchased $5 DC shirts, Richie, Damo, Fiachra and I were treated to, well, atleast 3rd division standard...made up for by the 4 sendings off, including management staff, a police escort for the officials and near riots at the end of the game.