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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Sep 2004

Location: Punta Sal, Peru

MapSo we crossed over the border into Peru heading for 3 days at the beach at Punta Sal, with excessive amounts of booze weighing Fran down in readiness for a new batch of Rod´s punch. Lethal to say the least, most of us wouldn´t remember what was concoted for dinner, then again most didnt remember the majority of the night. Alas, after an early morning swim spent dolphin and whale watching and a morning of frisbie, the ability to walk properly was soon to evade me. With a lower left leg getting gradually more swollen throughout the day, at lunch I had to sucumb to the use of a crutch. The following couple of days spent laid up in a hammock being waited on hand and foot helped ease the discomfort, but think I will soon have to give in and visit my first clinic.