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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Oct 2004

Location: Huanchaco, Peru

MapThursday was spent with another 12 hours on the truck, arriving early evening into Huanchaco for another nights camping. A ridiculously long day. Today the rest of the folks went to the 'Temple of the Sun and the Moon' and various other ruins, whilst I slaved over a hot stove preparing lunch (with my cooking skills, yeah right). Given that it has been pretty difficult walking not such a bad choice. Eventually went to 'Clinica Peruano Americana' and had my legs washed by a couple of Peruvian nurses, not student nurses unfortunately (looking for a sign of the cause of the infection as it turned out). Dr Damo did a grand job talking medical with the local doc, and eventually I hobbled out on crutches with a prescription of anti-biotics and anti-inflammatories.

Diagnosis - Cellulitis. A little lesson from the NHS website..."Cellulitis is a spreading inflammation of tissue, skin or muscle, and can start with a contaminated scratch, prick or cut and quickly spreads to cause a hot, red, spreading area on the skin.

Although the nurses didn't find anything, suspicion was placed on a bite from a nasty insect in the jungle.

On to Lima!