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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Oct 2004

Location: Lima - Paracas - Puerto Inca, Peru

MapFirst and foremost - apologies Mum & Dad...I missed your anniversary (probably not for the first time!)

Took in Sunset at Paracas - I dont recommend going down a cliff path if you have to get back up on crutches...well, only if you have your own nursing staff at your disposal, like Amanda, Sara, Letto, Nic and Richie who are willing to literally carry you back up, thanks everyone!

Early morning rise for a trip out to the Ballestos Islands and then into the desert for some insane sandboarding and dune buggying. Next we were all of to see the Nazca lines, and for a bumpy flight in the smallest plane I've ever been in.

Puerto Inca was another night on the beach, and my first night on the sauce for quite a while. Another batch of Rod's punch and a few of us re-lived our youth in the adventure playground. How there weren't any injuries, I'll never know. Challenging the other tour to a game of pool wasnt such a good idea either, the pockets shrunk dramatically.