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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Feb 2005

Location: Katoomba, Australia

MapHaving been blessed with a couple of days of glorious sunshine in Sydney, I was pleased to see the same on Saturday afternoon as I headed out to Katoomba, west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains National Park, home of the Three Sisters.

I decided it was about time I climbed down, rather than up for a change and booked on to an introduction to abseiling course. High hopes of glorius panoramas of the Three Sisters and the surrounding valleys as a backdrop.

Alas, the topic of the weather returns once more and it wasn't to be. I write this with loud claps of thunder and some pretty spectacular flashes of lightning accompanying the tapping of the keyboard, with a slight tingle in each of my shins as a result of the gouges taken out by the rock face (other than that a very enjoyable morning hanging from a rope or two).