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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Mar 2005

Location: Hobart, Australia

MapA big thankyou to Doug for putting me up in Melbourne for the week of the Australian GP, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd have been on a park bench.

However, I was glad to have made it there in the first place. I was grateful to have to opportunity to save myself some money by catching a lift with Bella and Fran but after 15mins in a car with them I wasnt so sure. 10 hours later I said a little prayer before settling down for the night.

It was in Melbourne and courtesy of Doug that I had to endure days of endless sunshine beside the pool in the build up to the Grand Prix weekend, and also to take in my first AFL game. 'footy' - to the uninitiated 30 blokes chasing each other around and bundling each other as much as possible for possession of a rugby shaped ball, with the aim to kick goals (3 points) or behinds (1 point). It is evident that the reason they are all so willing to take so many hits is only to see the referees wave their flags upon the scoring of a goal in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Having made it to Hobart here in Tasmania I'm off on an East coast tour and then a car share with Dave and Natalie, my new found Glaswegian friends, to explore the West coast.