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Kirky’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 May 2005

Location: Noosa, Australia

MapI hopped over to the East coast via Alice Springs to explore the outback and see the highlights Uluru, Katja Tjuta and Kings Canyon. There are many thank you's for the first part of my stay on the East Coast. I headed to Palm Beach to meet up with Jo and had the comforts of the home and beach house of Trish and Mike before heading of to Brisbane to catch up with Roy and Mona - for the drinks and the beds, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Since catching up with old friends and finding out lots that I expect Dad hadnt planned on me finding out (thanks Roy) about his youth, I've been sailing again, this time for 3 days around the Whitsunday Islands. Its well known that there are typically more women than men on the boats (hoping to spend 3 days sunning themselves on deck I'm pretty sure, but yes, it rained again), however I was a little surprised to find myself as only one of 3 guys on board a boat of 10 women, the other two being Scott the deckhand and Baz the skipper. After such a difficult trip it was on to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island and the opportunity for a group of us to be let loose with our own 4x4 to see what Fraser Island had to offer.

I'm nearing the end of my Aussie adventure and Thailand is beckoning. I've delayed my flight by a week and have just returned from my first surfing lesson. That is a lifestyle I could get used to.