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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Aug 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada

MapIt is one week before my year long adventure. I have shopped, and been innoculated, bought a plane ticket and tried to catch up with most of you! If I have missed saying goodbye you still have one week to call! I look forward to your responses and hearing about your lives even if it seems less exciting then mine! I hope you all log on often to follow my blog. I will write as often as I can and hope to upload some pictures as well. I'll miss you, sort of! :) Love, Tamarra

Here is a basic itinerary of my year..

Leave Toronto to Vancouver Aug 28th
Sept 2nd I leave Vancouver and arrive in Singapore
From there I will either fly or train to Indonesia (Sumatra)
Not sure what to expect because of the Tsunami aftermath.
Email may be sparse for the first month!
After Indonesia I head to the Cameron Highlands (Malaysia)
Then I fly to the Philippines for diving and Island hoping (4-6 weeks)
Next Camobodia and Laos approximately three weeks in each
If timing is good I will spend Christmas and New Year's in Thailand relaxing on a beach! (YAY!)
Then it is off to Sri Lanka for a month or so then to India for three months or as long as I can handle it....
Last stop in Asia is Nepal
If money and energy last then I will return to Western Canada and head to Alaska and the Yukon before heading back to Toronto sometime next summer!