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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHello! I had a great day yesterday with my friend Sky. We walked around her neighbourhood, then we took the sky train, (Which works on the honour system, I paid!!!) and then the sea ferry across to North Vancouver. There we went to lunch in a market and head off to Capilano Suspension bridge. It was good fun. I got yelled at for running and jumping up and down. What's the problem the bridge is strong enough to hold two fully loaded 747's what do they think a little jumping will do!! They have a great set up with a cannopy walk and nature trail, totem poles and people dressed up and walking around in character from the turn of the century. On the way out I resold my ticket for half the price! Naughty but good because we spent double the money going up Grouse Mountain. This was also very cool, in every sense of the word. It was freezing the 4,150ft up. The gondalla ride up was fantastic. At the top there are trails and lumberjack shows, birds of prey shows, grizzly bears (so cute I wanted to cuddle one, Sky advised against it!!) An excellent movie, lots of bang for the buck. It was a great way to end the action packed day. To end it all off a good simaritan drove us back to the main city after we somehow missed the bus.
I find Vancouver to be narrow. The streets are smaller and therefore the building seem closer. Also the bus drivers talk on cell phones while they drive. So when I asked to be informed of my stop he was to busy talking, fortunately I was watching and didn't miss it. My friend Judy was on call last night so her husband Randall and I hung out and watched the Fifth Element which was to my surprise pretty good. I am really enjoying B.C. I love looking out at the mountains. So much more back to nature over here. That's all for now. Thanks for all the messages.