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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapHi! My day in Singapore was uneventful. I was feeling a bit sluggish so I strolled around my neighbourhood, bought a mini calculator and took a long afternoon nap. I have been to Singapore before but for those of you who haven't heard my stories here are some amazing things about Singapore:
1) Everyone speaks english
2) It is super super super clean
4) The MRT (Subway) is so clean an effiecient but what make it totally incredible is no one can jump. There is a glass wall in front of the tracks. When the train arrives both the train doors and glass doors open at once.
5) It is multicultural
6) There is free internet at the airport :)

Last night I wondered around Little Italy, earlier in the day I walked around China town. Singapore is the land of high rise buildings. My taxi driver said 70% of the people that live here live in government subsidized housing. Pretty incredible, but sad that they can't make enough to own! I have one minute left on my free internet. I am off to Sumatra now. Cross your fingers that there will be no natural disasters!