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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Sep 2006

Location: Sumatra, Indonesia

MapReally it is hard to believe that two days could be so action packed. AHHHHH the life of a traveller. I leave so nervous and unsure, for all those who are really close to me you know what I am talking about. But after a day I settle right in and I am happier than ever!!! As we were approaching the Sumatra airport I peered out the plane window and was literally moved to tears!! The island is very mountainous and each of those mountains is covered in green! The island seems so raw and untouched in so many places. It was a misty morning which added to my awe! I caught a bus to the city and the a private shared car which I spent way to much on $4.00 Can. Which is about 3 times more than the bus. But it was airconditioned and my driver is the next Mario Andretti. What should have been a 2 hour drive to Bukittinggi took 1 hour and 10mins. I was in the front seat and white knuckling itthe whole way. Got settled in a private room with hot shower for $9 a night. Also over priced but soooo good! Then I hoped on the back of a motor bike and my new bestfriend Henri (local guide, pretty good english, a hasn't made any move on me which is refreshing) and went to see the world's largest flower (the Rafflasia). It was a dirty hike through rice fields. I know I said it wasn't going to rain on my holiday but it did and my throw away poncho came in handy while riding on the back of the bike. (Yes I am wearing a helmet!!) The ride was amazing. Rice fields, mountains, kids, palm trees, oxen. All incredible!!! So beautiful I can't wait to show you the pics, but no USB on these computers. After the hike we rode through a canyon and back up in time to see the bats come out. (hundreds of them, huge!!!) Today I went on another bike adventure to an incredible waterful. The views are beyond my descriptions. The people speak almost no english, but they all say hello, no one has asked for money and I feel say all the time! Tomorrow I am going on a 40km hike over two days. I will sleep in a hut somewhere. My backpack will arrive at the next town by car and I will stay there on my own for a few days. Then it is off to the Nias Islands. This may or may not be my last entry for a few days. So far Sumatra has surpassed my expectations. Love, Tamarra