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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

MapHello ALL! I am on the slowest dial up computer ever. Hopefully I will find a quicker comuter tomorrow. My hike over the mountain and through the jungle and tiered rice paddies was fantastic. The first part was steep and slippery. When we got to the top it was totally cloudy and foggy and grey and therefore my great view of the lake below was obstructed! GRRRR! The walk down to the refuge where I was to spend the night was an adventure. It started to pour, and then the leeches came out to dine on my sweet blood. However, the jungle was alive with the sounds of monkeys, frogs, and birds. It was all very exciting and so green. I loved the walk and the rain was not really a deterant in any way. Anas's homestay in the jungle was incredible. So peaceful! No electricity and the bucket shower were my favorite parts. I had a great sleep!! The next day we walked the rest of the hike, with less leech attacks! Lake Mininjau is very relaxing. So relaxing I am having trouble leaving. I swim and canoe everyday! FUN! I had an hour long massage by some 80 year old woman. Today I am in agony all over. I feel bruised from head to toe. That woman had hands of steel. I have tried many new fruits, it is amazing how many I have never seen or heard of before. I have met some nice people and have enjoyed singing along with a guitar in the evenings. Tomorrow I am catching a plane from Padang to Medan. This way I can avoid the 36 hour bus ride that is only suppose to take 16 hours but NEVER does. There is so much to see here but rainy season has started early. So much for staying dry! More detailed descriptions to come. Love, Tamarra