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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Sep 2006

Location: On my way to Berstagi, Indonesia

MapShana Tova and a happy healthy year to my Jewish and non Jewish friends. It has been a strange time for me. Thinking about my family and the jewish holidays while in an all Muslim country. In almost all the other countries I will be travelling this year there will be a Jewish community but not here. Not only that Ramadan started today which makes eating during the day interesting a difficult! I am heading towards the only Christian part of the country which should make things a lot easier!

I am very lcuky! As many of you know. I got on a bus at 7:30pm (lucky I was early for my 8pm bus to Banda Aceh because it left at 7:30pm.) I sat in one of the two remaining seats on the bus. I popped a gravol and snuggled in to sleep the overnight 12 hour bus ride. When 30minutes or so into my trip the guy beside me left and left me with two seats to curl up on and sleep! Yeah!

I took the fast ferry then a bus to Iboih about 1 hour away from the port. My bus broke down with smoke and water spurting out everywhere. I caught another bus, all part of the fun! Then I walked 15 minutes to the last set of Bungalows on a long path. Well it was worth the walk because I scored an incredible bungalow hanging over the water. Pulau Weh was amazing! Iboih probably has a population of less than 200 people. It is VERY CHILL! The water is an incredible AQUA. I went diving twice and snorkelling more times then I have fingers! You couldn't keep me out of that tropical fish wonderland. One time I tried to count how many different fish I could count with yellow on it. I lost track around 20! Some of my sightings were: shark, barracuda, turtle (not nearly as big as in the Galapagos), stingy rays (spotted and huge), octopus, morray eels and more tropical fish than you could possibly imagine! They had to drag me out of the water at the end of each day! Thanks for the gift certificates to Henry's my underwater camera case is AWESOME! The biggest pitfall of Iboih is the 100 without exageration mosquito bites I got! Let me tell you if there is milaria in the region I guess I am in big trouble. I haven't been taking the pills! They have assured me it isn't necessary! I guess I will see in the next four to six weeks! FUN FUN!

I met a guy from Slovenia, Jimmy, and we have been hanging together. We are taking the overnight bus tonight back to Medan. I really wanted to fly and it is really only about $50 more than the bus but it just didn't come together. So here I go on another bus adventure. I am looking forward to Berstagi. It is known for its excellent hikes.

The crazy thing is that none of these places have internet! The last place didn't even have telephones, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! I had hoped to call. By the way phoning home is about $1 per minute so it is not happening here in Indonesia. The next place I am going has email in the next town. We shall see what happens! Chat soon! Love, Tamarra