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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2006

Location: Berastagi, Indonesia

MapVolcanic Adventue! We were on the road by 9am. We got a bus to the base of the trail. The next two hours were spent walking up , up, up! Most of the walk was not that challenging, half was on a road. It too us exactly two hours to get to the crator of Mt Sibayak. Of course like all volcanoes I choose to climb this one was totally overcast and the view was not great because of the clouds. I can only rmember one of more than a dozen volcanoes that I actually had a perfect day with a perfect view. The crator of this volcano had all sort of messages in stone written in it. The sulfur smelling steam seeping from the mountain was a nice touch. The top was freezing!!! We didn't stay long. Why take the same route down when there is an alternate route down the other side. Sounds good, right?! Right! So off we go, climbing over rocks, shaking and slipping and then we hit the stairs. Yesterday's 600 were just a practice for the 5000 (no I didn't add an extra zero by accident) you read right 5000 steps. Of course not evenly spaces, or even in height. Nothing that simple. The walk down was a killer on the knees but it was an exciting adventure. In the distance we heard a ton of orangutuan calling out. The reward for all this hard work was the hot spring at the base of the volcano. Nothing like a hot spring to help the aching muscles. We stayed in for a very long time. Then at around 4pm we went to catch the bus. At 6pm still no bus, well actually yes a bus but no driver. I had had enough, we stated to walk then I hitched us a ride to the main cross road, and from there we caught the bus. ANother action packed day!

I was thinking about my last seven days. In the last 7 days I have, snorkelled, scuba'd, hiked up a volcano, seen a funeral, been to an authentic village, saw an incredible waterfall, tried at least two new foods. Now if anyone questions my interest in travelling question no moer! Every moment is sensory overload. Travel is the best drug ever! love ya, Tamarra