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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Oct 2006

Location: Samosir Island (Tuk Tuk), Indonesia

MapSometimes off the beaten track isn't always the best. We opted out of staying on a farm and instead went down to a small town on Lake Toba called Tongging. There was NOTHING to see or do. We stayed a day! It was enough. Other than the most incredible wind storm taking down branches of trees it was uneventful. It did give me the opportunity to teach Jimmy Cribbage. He hasn't won yet but he's getting close! The trip to Parapat was a whole day adventure. Three buses and a boat a small hostel hunt and then moved hostels the next day. Actually I am staying in a cottage not a hostel. The accomodation in Sumatra have been incredible. And cheap!! $2-5 Canadian a night! Tuk Tuk is fantastic. My room looks out onto Lake Toba the largest Lake in Asia. The lake is 1707 sq km and is 450m deep! I wonder if there is a Toba monster down there!? I have spent the last two days Jilan Jilan (walking walking). About 10km per day. I have seen some interesting ruins. And the reward at the end is a leap into this amazing lake just outside my door! I wish I had the words to describe the view. The lake is actually the after math of a massive volcano that erupted 100,000 years ago. It is surrounded by mountains, but these mountains are special they fold and fault, half is covered with heavy forest other parts are this light grassy green colour. It is so amazing! I could stare at it all day!

I leave Indonesia in 3 days! I have wonderful memories and have met many great people! The Slovenian (Jimmy) and I have decided to travel to Borneo Malaysia together. I will have about 26 days before I have to meet Cindy in Cambodia! I am looking forward to every minute!

I have finished my fourth book in three weeks and have just started another, which I may have to abondon because it is far to descriptive and the font is tiny!!! We shall see. I am going to give it 50 pages! Hope you are all well! Haven't heard from so many of you! Write me!! I like getting emails! Love, Tamarra