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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Oct 2006

Location: Medan, Indonesia

MapSOOOOOO LUCKY! Okay, now I always new I was a lucky child, my mother always told me so! And now I believe her!!! Two days ago I downloaded my enitre memory card to a CD. By accident this morning I deleted my entire memory card. As many of you know I am not camera literate, and sometimes press the worng thing. I was sooooooo lucky. Now I just have to not lose the CD! I am being booted off the computer, they were kind enough to stay open for 30 minutes just for me!!! I am leaving on a plane to Kaula Lumpar tomorrow morning. Then I am off to Borneo Malaysia. I can't believe I spent a whoel month here in Indonesia and it is over. I am sad to say goodbye! Chat soon. Love, Tamarra