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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Oct 2006

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MapStupid is what stupid does! So while in Canada I booked a ticket from Singapore to Indonesia. Upon arrival I get stamped with a thirty day visa ($25 U.S.) While in Canada I booked a plane ticket from Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur one month later. Sept 5 to Oct 5! Seems good, yes, NO! When I got to the immigration officer I was informed I had over stayed my visit by a day. I said no 5th to the 5th. He sent me to another officier who sent me to the head of immigration, who then proceeded to remove his claender from the wall and condescendingly count days with me! And to my surprise and shagrin (spelling??) I had spent not 30 but 31 days in the country. To avoid being led off in handcuffs I paid the $23 Canadian penalty and was sent on my marry way! Bah Humbug! You live you learn! I guess that is sort of my personality. That would never happen to my brother or my friend Laura!

Just before that excitment I checked my now 21 1/2 kg backpack into Air Asia to be told that I am only allowed 15kgs. This was fun! NOT! I removed my cosmetics, electronic devices, books, antibiotics until finally at 15.7kgs they let it go! Don't sweat the small stuff I tell myself, and it's all small stuff!

Tomorrow I am leaving for Borneo Malaysia. I have no idea what to expect. I haven't met anyone who has travelled it, but it also has orangutans, and many national parks, and one of the best dive sites in the world! It is not cheap like Indonesia but I am travelling with a friend and that cuts the costs. My day in KL has been relaxing. I walked the market, ate lunch in Chinatown. Tomorrow I may get up early to get to the twin towers before I leave in the afternoon. KL is a huge city with all the city luxuries. The roads are paved well, there is air con in my room, a real tooilet and hot shower. I went three weeks without a hot shower in Indonesia. No big deal! All part of the fun! Chat soon! Tamarra