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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Oct 2006

Location: Kuching (Sarawak), Malaysia

MapTIMING IS EVERYTHING!!! Okay, my day and night in KL was great. I stayed in the very happening area of Chinatown. Excellent night market with the finest knock offs you've ever seen. Tempteed to shop but not to carry with me. I did but a small backpack so I could leave about 6kgs worth of stuff in KL when I head off to Borneo Malaysia. This now has reduced my backpack to a manageable 15kgs. It is amazing what a difference it makes. I mean I can lift it and walk without dying! I went out to a bar in KL I think my first of the trip. It was fun.

The next day Jimmy and I were catching a plane to Kuching. Our plane was at 4:20pm. The airport is 80kms from the city. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get from there to town the previous day. It is actually quite simple. One subway stop and then an express airport bus. So off we go at 1pm to the airport. We walk to the subway, it is closed! Something to do with prayers, or Ramadan (friday's can be a bit tricky). Then Jimmy thinks we can catch a bus from another bus terminal 10 minutes down the street. So we walk with our packs in the 100 degree heat and 150% humidity to the other terminal. No No! There are no airport buses. Tick Tick Tick! It is now two and we are no further along. Then we are told the subway (LRT) is now open. So instead of walking back to the other station we get on there. But then we have to change trains twice! URGH! Tick Tick TICK! We get to the express bus at 2:20pm and they are leaving at 2:30pm. TICK TICK TICK! At 3:45pm the bus pulls into the airport. We make a sprinting dash to the Air Asia counter (3:55pm) and they say no problem and check us in! AHHHHHH! There is a god!!!

We arrive to find out the bus to the city stops running at 5:30 and it is now 6:30pm. We grab a cab and get a really good room. Hot water, toilet, air con! Then we head out on the town. Timing Timing! It is the last day of the Chinese Moon Cake festival! China town is hopping! I mean lights, food, dancing, music, dragons, bonsai trees, fashion show, art exhibits, food, more food, and more food. I grazed my way through the whole thing trying all sorts of strange and delicious (and a few not so delicious things!) At 10pm there was a fantastic display of fireworks. I mean 20-30 minutes of full out fireworks. It was fantastic. I had a great sleep and I am super excited for the week to come. Today we strolled the streets of Kuching seeing the fish market, the poultry market (with the fattest chickens I have ever seen!) and many other things. Tomorrow we are heading to see another wildlife sanctuary for Orangutan and then to a botanical gardem in the afternoon. The two days following that will be spent in Bako National Park. I am looking forward to seeing the Probiscus Monkeys with their strange noses. Wait for the photos!!! Then it is off to Sibu to stay in a traditonal longhouse, still used by the locals. Chat soon!