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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2006

Location: Kuching, Malaysia

MapOkay, so travelling always has many highs and lows! I have been to 43 countries, some of them a few times and it was bound to happen sooner or later. Please no one write me any feed back that says you should have known better or why would you have done that. I have beaten myself up more than enough! I flew in a from K.L to Kuching (you should already know this if you read the previous blogs) I was in a mad rush to catch the plane. And right as I was checking my bag in I remembered that my money belt was in my big backpack. I have locks on all the pockets, no was it locked or did I forget who knows! But four days later I discover that I was missing all my cash! And a lot of it! I am not sure how much American money I had on me maybe $300-400 it is what I call a slush fund in case of an emergency, like no ATM's or possibility of cashing a travellers cheque. I know this seems strange but I am not travelling first world and this happens!! I had also just taken about $200 Can. in Ringets out of the bank machine and that too was stolen. So was my extra credit card but fortunately I cancelled it before they used it which was truly amazing because it was four days after the fact!! On the upside, they left my travllers cheques, diving license, and a few other things. I guess we live we learn. It hurts to lose that kind of cash it equals about 1 1/2 months of travel! Boo HOO!

Okay, on a lighter note I just spent two magnificent days in Bako National Park. There I hiked for 6 hours one day, spotting a very interesting monkey called a probiscous with the strangest nose I have ever seen!! Unfortunately no good photos but I suggest googling it, pretty funny looking. We got chased but a vicious group macaques (monkey's)! It was pretty funny. I also saw an amazing pit viper one of the most deadly snakes in the world. The animals were great but again the landscape is what really took my breath away! The cliffs and the rock formations. The tide, which was a big problem on the way to the park when we got stuck in the sand and had to get out and push the boat!! Then we had to get out of the boat 1km away from the park entrance and walk the rest of the way because the tide was out so far! Always an adventure! Swimming in the very warm and salty South China Sea was also excellent! Tomorrow I am off to a new destination, four hours by boat down the river to Sibu! Chat soon! Love, Tamarra