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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Oct 2006

Location: Miri (Borneo Malaysia), Malaysia

MapSo we wake up early and catch the 8:30am ferry to Sibu. I am still travelling with Jimmy (slovenian) and we have now picked up Keith the 60 something year old Canadian who is a super great guy, backpacking around Asia on his own for five months! You see mom and dad other people do it! Where is your sense of adventure! Florida over India! No comparison! After the five hour boat ride we arrived in SIbu at that time we all decided that Sibu didn't have much to offer and the longhouse tours seem to have a bit of a bad reputation. So instead we wondered around for 8 hours and caught the 10pm overnight bus to Miri which is the gateway to many incredible National Parks. We dragged poor Keith on his first overnight bus journey. I slept most of the 7 hours, but upon arrival at 5am (UGH!!!) everywhere to sleep was SHUT! So we sat at a coffee shop until 7:30am and have scored an excellent clean room with three beds! We also discovered a delicious bakery. YUM YUM! Fresh warm bread! The problem with the overnight bus is even if you sleep you don't feel like you have slept so both Jimmy and I crashed for about five hours! Tomorrow we are either going diving/snorkelling or to Niah National Park for two days. This park is famous for its caves. I am very much looking forward to it all. This afternoon we went to see one ofthe largest Taoist temples in Asia. It was pretty impressive. I am hoping to get somemore pictures on line soon. Not at this cafe it is painfully slow! Okay more to come. Love, Tamarra