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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Miri Borneo, Malaysia

MapBOWLING IN BORNEO!!! Fun FUN! So there is not much to do at night, especially because I rarely drink while travelling so Keith, Jimmy and I decided nothing like a night of bowling to lift the spirits and have a good laugh. We bowled three games and my high score was 136 which isn't terrrible. It was all computerized just like at home. Today we were suppose to head out to the National Park but we postponned by one day, do to a wet laundry situation and the need to organize a permit. So tomorrow morning bright and early the three of us will head to Niah National Park, famous for its caves, and then on the 16th we will fly in a small airplane to a tiny town with 800 people called Barrio. We needed a special visitors permit to visit and hopefully will get to spend the night in a long house. Which I will describe more after the fact.

So while we had a day to kill I decided to go visit a doctor, because my ears have been plugged up for about 2 weeks, (maybe more) they don't hurt but I have done this once before this past year, and I knew things weren't good! The trip to the docotr was free, but I was definitely charged the tourist pirce ($35) for the two sets of anitbiotics that it is going to take to clear up my puss filled ears! I got a recipt, so my travel insurance will cover the cost no problem. And hopefully the ears will be aokay by the time I want to go diving in about 10-12 days! I am heading to one of the top five dive spots in the world, known for sharks and turtles, and a huge coral wall! I am beyond excited! All those who know me well know I am obsessed with SHARKS! Such amazing creatures! Anyway, not much else to report. I promise to upload more pictures after the next 5 days of adventure. I PROMISE! OKay, love ya and leave ya! Love, Tamarra