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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006

Location: Bario, Malaysia

MapThe highlands were sooooooooooooo great! The benefit of being in the higlands is the break from the humidity! The twin otter 20 seater plane that we took there and back is a Canadian plane and was a fantastic experience. I love flying and the smaller the plane the better. It adds to the excitment! The view from above is always awe invoking! The hills and rivers, the jungle below and the clear cutting of some areas :(!. The only way to get to Bario is by plane. The small area has a population of about 2000 people spread out over wide distances. The tribal people that live there are known as the Kelabit. There are only 600 left! There is no electiricty, but they have managed to hook up a generator or two and some solar power. I went for an incredible day hike through the hills. Spent some time in a long house, which is exactly what it sounds like. The one I was in is 200 meters long. About 80 people live in it, with rooms divided off, but the back hallway is a common open area and each apartment has a fire kitchen. There are no refirgerators or stoves, everything is fresh and cooked over the fire. Truly amazing. The woman have long ears like the Massai tribe in Africa. I will upload pictures when I have faster internet. The last set took 45 mintues to upload. Too long! My hike was a great adventure. I saw a young python about 6ft long but still thin and harmless. I also saw a very poisonous snake, but so tiny. There are these amazing plants called pitcher plants (because they look like pitchers and catch water). I also walked through a pineapple plantation, and took five back with me!!! The pineapple is like eating pure sugar! YUM YUM! Tara do you remember Costa RIca?? There are no sealed roads in Bario and maybe 10 cars in total. It was a fantastic change. The people were amazing! It is definitely a highlight so far. Tomorrow I will head to Brunei for two or three days. (a short stay but a stamp in the passport :)) There is very little to see in Brunei but you have to cross through it to get to the other side of Borneo Malaysia. Brunei is one of the smallest countries in the world but also one of the richest. It will be interesting to see. Okay, that's all for now! Love, Tamarra