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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Oct 2006

Location: Sipidan, Malaysia

MapA sign from god.... I had a big plane ticket issue which I don't want to write about, an ear infection that is almost better and now a head cold is god trying to tell me not to go diving, hmmmmmmmmm! My three days in the jungle were good fun! Mostly because I was with great people! I really have seen so much and been on many jungl treks. But each one is a little different. This one was a lot of time on the river. I saw trillions of monkey's, lots of tropical birds, a croc or two, a tree lizard, and other stuff but no Orangutan (boo hoo). The craziest thing was that I met a couple from around the corner. But you think that was a small world his father was a teacher at Newtonbrook where I went to school for half my high school career. His father Mr. Matry Grenburg he taught my brother science. He also married a student two years after she graduated and Daniel is the child of that marriage! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! So my three day jungle adventure involved 3 river boat cruises, two great sunsets one short hike, that involved a swim in a lake, one night hike where I saw a Malaysian Civet (wild cat, very cool), all sorts of creepy crawlies (leeches)! But nothing like the ones at camp Kadimah Dar Dar! I asked for rubber boots upon arrival! Three others thought this was a great idea and joined me! Rubber boots are so comfortable adn FUN! You can slop though the mud without worries! Why don't we wear them at home??? Mom/Darryn I know what your thinking now! lol! Sorry family joke! The only bummer is that I have caught a head cold. This is not a big deal accept that I have finally arrived in Sipidan one of the top dive spots in the world and I am not sure I will be able to dive. I guess I will take cold meds and give it a go, if it hurts I'll stop.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention my flight from Kota Kinabalu to Sanadakan. Has anyone here been in the airport the day before Christmas???? If you answered yes you can now picture what the airport looked like the day before Hari Raya. Everyone and their neighbour was there! I thought it was pretty funny!

Boy am I sooooo relaxed while travelling it is amazing! Not sure why I am sick. Happy relaxed poeple don't get sick, except the guy beside me on the plane was sick, and I spent a night in a super air con'd room. Maybe that's why! Anyway, I will post pics tomorrow. I need to sleep now! Love ya lots! T