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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Oct 2006

Location: Semporna, Malaysia

MapHello ALL! I love water!!! DIVING WAS AMAZING! The first day I dove an area called Sibaun. But that is NOT why I came all this way. Sipidan is why I came to this corner of the world. I have now done 9 dives in the last 4 days!!! I cannot begin to explain all the things I have seen. If you have seen Finding Nemo you will have a pretty good understanding of what I saw. I know this sounds like a funny reference but it is sooooooo true! I loved that movie and have seen it almost a dozen times and never get bored of it! Maybe it is because I love diving so much! Laura and I went to the Galapagos last summer and spent time swimming with turtles. However, diving with turtles that are the same size as you is a totally different experience. I love turtles!!! The coral, fish, sting rays, eels, sharks, turtles, the school of 1000 barracuda swimming around my head were all incredible and the list goes on and on and on! The dives are mostly wall dives You start fairly shallow swim a bit and then this wall appears and it is a wall of coral, soft and hard swarming with fish and other life. The wall drops 100 meters or more we dropped no deeper than 35m. Everywhere you look fish! My cold has moved to my chest but as soon as I hit the water all seems to clear up! I think I am half human and half fish! I didn't mention my short but amazing visit to Uncle Chang's floating guesthouse! It is located on an Island called Mabul. It was fantastic!
The next three days are travel days. Bus and two planes! I am about to enter my 45th country, this is me bragging, but just a bit! I have also discovered that I have crossed the equator by land in three continents which I think is pretty damn cool! Africa (Kenya), South America (Quito, Ecuador), Asia (Sumatra, Indonesia)! I love life! Hope you are well! HAppy Halloween! Trick or Treat! Sad to miss my favorite day of the year! But no tears will be shed! lol Take Care, Love Tamarra