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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Nov 2006

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MapHello from Cambodia! Well Cindy arrived intact and we have been on the go since! We are staying in a cool backpacker neighbourhood, very relaxed! But we have spent very little time there. Yesterday we went to S-21 it is the jail/torture/interrogation area/holding space they used during the war. Everyone who came in was photographed and biographed! NO one ever came out of there alive. It was extremely depressing. Today we went to the Killing Fields. People were transferred from S-21 to the Killing Fields where they were tied up, blindfolded smashed over the head and kicked into a mass grave did not want to waste money on bullets! They have excavated half of the place and have discovered 8,000 bodies so far! The crazy thing about this war is that they killed their own people. Also no one has been tried for war crimes or gone to jail. The people who did most of the murdering at the killing fields were 14-16 yr old kids. Now this whole generation of mass murderers lives free all over Cambodia. It was not possible to send all these children to jail. It is also unfortunate that the first people murdered were the educated ones. Farmers and uneducated seemed easier to control according to Pol Pot (communist leader between 1975-1979). The first thing you see as you walk in the gate is a 10 story monument full of skulls! Pretty eerie!

On a lighter note we have also see the King's Palace, some interesting temples, the Russian market where Cindy purchased two pairs of Columbia (knock off) capri pants for a total of $6. Pretty good eh! The beginning of the Moon and Water festival started today and draws in crowds of over a million people which involves tons of rowing competitions and vendors selling everything you could imagine! Tartantula's, crickets, small fried birds and all sorts of other things! We are looking forward to the evening fireworks!

And the special part of our day was at the firing range. We arrive there and they hand us a menu (which they would not let me photograph :( ) of choices of things we can shoot:

Grenade $30
Bazooka $60
AK47 $30 (25 bullets)
Hand guns
Rocket launcher $60

You could also choose for extra money to shoot a cow or a chicken! Cindy and I opted to shoot an AK 47 at a target range! I didn't like it at all. Cindy shot most of the bullets, it really freaked me out! Guess I won't be a proud gun owner ever!!!

Okay, this has been a long entry. More to come later. Love, T