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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Nov 2006

Location: Battambang, Cambodia

MapOkay this may require two journal entries! You see now that Cindy is here we seem to be too busy to get to the internet cafe! Soooooooooooo much has happened since the last entry it is remarkable how action packed a few days can be. SO here it goes. Cindy survived her first bus journey to Battambang (5 hrs). After getting off the bus we jumped on a motorcycle and arrived at our hotel. We checked in and were off on the back of two motorbikes (with drivers) to the country side! We went to a buddhist temple which was up 300 steps! Cindy asked if we had to climb them ALL? I told her it was training for Angkor Wat! The view was amazing!! But the ride through the country was breathtaking! The children all say hello and smile and wave, the cows were fat and healthy and rice was growing in every direction as far as your eyes could see! Then we went on a bamboo train. I am not sure my description can do this justice but I will try. On train tracks they place the wheels of a car (it looks like a metal dumbell) then on top of that they place a flat bamboo raft. Then they added a motor from a motorcycle and then us and our motorcycles. The train could go pretty quick, 40kms per hour. However, there is only one track so all the people coming the other way had to stop, lift off their trains off the track to let our heavier train (goes by TOTAL weight) pass. The sun was setting and the ride was stunning!
The next morning we went to the Smokin' Pot Restaurant for a shopping and cooking class. We first chose three dishes to make then went to the market to purchase all the ingredients. Lemon grass, chilli, coconut, live fish that were smacked over the head, descaled, gutted and wrapped up for us! Along with a chicken and many other ingredients. The cooking class was hilarious! We chopped, grinded, crushed, sauteed and laughed a lot!!! We shared our cooking school experience with a gay couple from Germany! I was soooooo full! We both loved the experience! The next day we were off to Angkor Wat.....