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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Nov 2006

Location: Kratie (Krach ee), Cambodia

MapHello ALL! Well Cindy and I had a fun adventure the other day. And now I am here to share it with you. I have always said that while travelling information is power! And it really is! We hopped on a bus to a small town and then took a shared car 3 hours to Kratie. Little did we know that there was a direct bus from Siem Reap to Kratie. A nice big comfortable, air conditioned direct bus! You live you learn! So we get off the bus and then hire a share car. A nice Toyota Camry. Picture it in your mind, you need to visualize for this story. Medium sedan type car. So there are four of us. Cindy and I and two Cambodian woman and a one year old child. I think perfect and off we go. Oh no, we wait for more passengers. One and a half hours later (no surprise about the waiting, I was prepared with journal and cards!) we load up the car. With four people in the back seat. Two men and Cindy and I. And four people in the front seat plus the one year old! Are you doing the math?? That equals nine (YES you read correctly nine! people in the car.) Two of those people sitting in the drivers seat. There is also no middle seat in the front because all cars here are stick shift! For three hours on an unsealed road. Just when we thought things couldn't get more exciting we blew a tire and had to put on the small dummy tire! So you think then he would drive a little slower and more cautiously, NOT! Not that we know how fast we were going because the speedometer didn't work! Needless to say we got here alive, by some miracle! And we have a fantastic room. We spent the day yesterday on the back of motorcycles zooming around seeing the sights. A unique experience of seeing the Irrawaddy fresh water dolphins that habitat in the Mighty Mekong River. There are only four places in the world to see fresh water dolphins and I have been to two! OKay, tomorrow another travelling adventure. 7 hours in some form of transport with god knows how many people crammed in! We are considering spending an extra $11 to buy a third seat so we are not so squashed! Time will tell! Until the next chapter! Love, T&C