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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Nov 2006

Location: Vientienne, Laos

MapHello all! Well travelling is full of highs and lows! Saying goodbye to CIndy on the 26th of November was a real challenge. I really enjoyed having her here, and I think she liked her first taste of Asia! I am pretty good at this backpacking thing. Well practice makes perfect!!! And I have practiced a lot!! When CIndy and I got to Phnom Penh on the 25th I asked about plane tickets to Laos. They said nothing until the 28th. The next day when I went to book the only seats that were available were on the first of Dec. Well, I was freaking. I didn't want to stay in Phnom Penh anymore! I could take a three day bus journey but I just wasn't up for a three day journey alone! To emotional at the moment! Would just end up crying the entire way! UGH!!! So I decided to go standby. I figured if you don't try you don't get! On my way back from the cyber cafe I stopped at a travel agent. Someone had just cancelled and there was ONE and only ONE seat left and I paid for it on the spot. Sort of, I had to run the km back to my hostel get my passport and come back. But either way, I got it. The plane was completely full but here I am! It cost $200 U.S. but it was worth missing the three day bus journey!! So I get out of the airport get a cab, get to a hostel run across the road to check for space and totally get run over by a motorcycle! Cindy said crossing the road is like that game Frogger we use to play as kids! Some of you know what I am talking about! Either way down I went. Scrapped and bleeding from both knees and my leg and my arm! I also twisted my ankle or foot. But not terrilbe. I think I just reinjured something that was hurting before I left in my foot and had just started healing. Either way head and face went untouched. The crazy things is the hostel was full. I have found another place to stay, not cheap but clean and good. Now I am here and tomorrow is another day! Welcome to Laos everyone. I am looking forward to it! Love, Tamarra