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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Dec 2006

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapIt has been awhile since I blogged so here it goes...
I left off at the kayaking which was super incredible! The rapids were quite small because it is dry season in Asia. I am not complaining I have had almost no rain the entire trip. Words of wisdom from Ruth and Alan, plan around the weather! So far so good! I only fell out of the kayak once, it was that or hit a tree. I chose the water! After kayaking we grabbed our backpacks and hired a car to take us to the village where we would be picked up for the Gibbon Experience. The road was horrible! China is paying for this road to be paved but it will take a year or more. In the mean time, hello pot holes! We arrived at 9pm in the pitch dark to what we thought would be a small town and turned out to be a village of about 50 people with no electricity! They set us up on the floor with thin blankets and matresses, and a mosquito net. Needless to say it wasn't my best nights sleep. But it was an incredible experience, an for a change truly authentic. We were served morning glories and sticky rice for breakfast, yum yum! Breakfast of champions.

The Gibbon Experience was set up by a french guy to promote conservation and make him a shit load of cash!! Basically how it works is that we live in treehouse 150m off the group in the middle of the forest. We get around by zip lines and hiking. This three day adventure was NOT cheap but I was really looking forward to it. The thing that often makes these trips great are the people. Unfortunately I got a bad group and decided not to spend three days with people that I couldn't get along with for no apparent reason and instead ended up with my own private guide and tour. In the end I think I got the best deal out of it! Zipping above the tree tops was exhilarating and scary at the same time! I have some great photos which I will post this week. The tree houses were fully equipt with showers and a loo with a view! I loved sleeping in the forest. The two groups that I came up with had a few problems which in the end I reaped the benefit from and we all got a $40U.S. refund. Which made the trip that much more enjoyable! I was really sad to leave Laos. I will hopefully return soon! Before it changes teh way Vietnam has. I am now in Northern Thailand. I went on a great tour today and stood at the top of the highest peak in Thailand. I also so many amazing waterfalls. Tomorrow I am renting a bike! Fun FUN! More adventure to come. SOrry this was soooooo long! Love, T