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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Dec 2006

Location: Pai, Thailand

MapHello all! Okay, so I met these two wonderful young German girls,(Melanie and Kerstin) sooooo sweet! And I drag them all over the place. I only have two speeds, full speed ahead and sleeping!There is tons and tons and tons to do in Chaing Mai! We rented bicycles and we road 12 kms to this amazing reservoir. The ride was nice, but my poor butt is never going to recover. When I got back on the bike to ride back literally tears came to my eyes. I knew there was no way I was going to make it back. The legs were fine but the tush! OY! So I hitched a ride with two Thai girls who had a pick up truck and drove by in the first minute of my ride back. They threw my bike in the back and me in the front and they dropped me right at my guesthouse!! Sometimes I am soooo LUCKY! The girls who I forced to come biking with me decide to ride back! Funny! I used my extra time to get a pedicure. Not a good one but I have nice pink toes!! Yay! That night I went out dancing till the wee hours in the morning getting more attention from more men then I have ever had in my life! A good ego booster that's for sure, but chose to delcine the many offers and go home alone! The interesting thing that did happen at three in the morning was that an Israeli guy wished me Merry x-mas and I said to him NO Happy Hannukah! And he said have you been to the Chabad house (which is a place where Jewish people can go pray or hang out). And I said NO what Chabad house! So the next day I went over there and lit the Channukah candles with about 40 other travelling Jews of all ages. Most were from Israel with the odd Australian thrown in! There was singing and dancing. I cried through half of it! It was wonderful to celebrate, but it reminds me how far away from family and friends I am at holiday time! So HAppy Hannukah to my Jewish friends and Merry Christmas to my non Jewish friends! I hope your holiday are filled with good food, fun and family! Enjoy it all! I know how crazy this season is but take a moment to really appreciate it all!
I am surrently in a city called Pai. It is quite cold here! At night I put on half the clothes in my backpack! Don't feel bad next week I am heading south and I will be complaining about the humidity!! I searched long and hard for a decent guesthouse. But when I got one I met two french Canadians and a Aussie who were going on a motor bike ride. They threw me on the back of the bike and off we went. I saw yet another incredible sunset! And had a great time! I think we are going out again today! FUN! Chat later, Love, Tamarra