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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Dec 2006

Location: Pai, Thailand

MapHello ALl! So I am now in the train station in Chaing Mai waiting for my over night train to Bangkok. I was going to pass right through but I have decided to stop for a couple of days. I know it will be hot and crazy but the shopping is good and I would like to find a pair of shorts that aren't falling off. It is also the home of the knock off so we shall see what other goodies are out there. The last three days have been great. I searched long and hard for a decent place to stay in Pai and decided to spend a little extra money $8 a night and get a good room. Stop laughing that's a lot of money when you are away for an entire year! Do the math!!! As I plunked my bag down I met a french Canadian couple and an Australian guy. They had motor bikes and I hoped on the back and basically spent the next three days that way. They took me around to hot springs, waterfalls, and canyons. All of it beautiful. Pai was ffffffrrrrrreeeeeezzzzzzing! At night it between 8-9 degrees celcius! I was not prepared for this kind of weather. Either way I really enjoyed myself. I am hoping to be laying on a beach by December 27th. The time seems to get shorter and shorter as I add more and more things to my trip. So much for R and R. My plane ticket to Sri Lanka is on the 4th of January. I may bump it back a little to have a bit more time on the beach! One day at a time. Chat soon! Love, T