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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Jan 2007

Location: AIRPORT, Singapore

MapHello All! Well my last days on the island and then in Thailand were great! I am sad to leave Thailand. It is such a big place with sooooo much to see that I will have to keep coming back! I spent my last day with the guys CIndy and I met at our cooking class in Cambodia. It was nice hanging out with them. We had tons of laughs! Ahhhh gay men! Too much fun! Anyway, I am now in Singapore airport waiting for my plane to Sri Lanka. One chapter closes the next begins! I am both excited and nervous as I often am starting a new country! There are soooo many things that happen to me each day that I just don't write about but definitely one of my favorite things about South East Asia is the term same same but different! It is used soooooo often and yet it is soooooo appropriate so often! It makes me laugh everytime I hear it! I have tried with no success to upload photos over the last few days! I will hopefully have better luck in Colombo! I am currently on the free internet in Singapore Airport while I wait for my plane! Love free internet! Okay, that's all short and sweet! Chat soon, Love T