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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Jan 2007

Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

MapHello All! Well I have finally managed to upload somemore pictures! I am now in Sri Lanka. My trip from the airport to my accomodation at 1am was interestnig. There are police on every corner. We got stopped at least five times. Only once did I have to show my passport! I spent one day in the capitol city of Colombo. It was hot as hell! I toured around mostly on foot. Everytime I got on a bus I seemed to end up much further than I intended to go. Which on one occassion turned out to be my luck! We were heading to Mt. Lavinia a beach area. Instead we ended up about 45 minute walk further than intended. So we head down to the beach, we figured we could walk back that way. What we discovered was that in this area people had some of the best and worst property in Colombo. All the houses along this area have a beach out their back door, but a railway track out their front door! And when I say out the door I mean three steps away! Instead of walking along the beach we walked along the tracks. This gave us an opportunity to talk to the locals, take pictures, and go into their homes. Many people invited us in for tea and coconut juice. People asked if I could take their picture. The fun of a digital camera is that everyone gets to look at the picture afterwards! Children especially like this! I spent many hours walking this short stretch. It was a great insight into how the people live. They all seemed happy and well fed, of course family is very important and many spoke english! It was a fantastic introduction to Sri Lanka. The next day I took a train to Kandy. Four hours (116 kms) later I had arrived. I am staying at a really great hotel. The view is spectacular! I over look a jungle and a river. This morning I saw many different kinds of birds. I was up really early for some reason. Haven't been sleeping much lately (not sure why). Kandy is about 500m above sea levels which takes the edge off the unbearable heat of the capitol city. I have met some nice people and I am hoping that I will spend some time travelling with this nice French guy named Rasheed. We shall see what tomorrow brings. I am also having my first full day of rain since I left Canada in August! Pretty crazy! I am not sure if I have mentioned the gecko's which are everywhere in Asia. I love them, gecko's are my friend and they eat the mosquitoes! Last night one felt the need to shit on the bed beside mine, blob blob! It was pretty funny, guess I chose the right bed! Tomorrow I am leaving Kandy to go explore the Ancient Cities. Chat soon, Love, T