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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2007

Location: Kandy again, Sri Lanka

MapHello all! Welcome to the land a green! I once heard someone refer to Sri Lanka as the emarld of Asia and now I know why! It is soooooooo beautiful. It is extremley lush. I was standing on the top of a hill with two guys and I asked them how many different greens they could count. We all decided it was definitely more than 12! The rice fields are my favorite. I never get bored of looking at them. The labour of growing rice is incredible and the product is so cheap!
I have been travelling with the most beautiful french man ever! He is sexy and funny and he has a laugh that I would like to bottle and take home with me! If I could sell it I would be rich! It is catchy and makes me smile everytime and leaves me warm and fuzzy inside! He is also gay! I am not sure where I keep meeting these gay men! They are everywhere. I have spent the last five days exploring ancient cities. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of buddha's (lying, standing, sitting) and stupa's of varying shapes and sizes. The cities were quite interesting. I thought the ruins were quite impressive and the lack of tourists made it enjoyable to stroll at my own pace. Unlike Angkor Wat! There are five ancient cities all spread out in five different cities. We took public transport which is easy, regular and cheap. The roads are pretty good which is great. Of course 138 kms still takes three hours. But not 7 like Laos! Sri Lanka is a small country. The country is more expensive than I expected but I will make up for that in India I am sure! I also spent an interesting day at an elephant orphange in Pinewala. There are about 90 elephants. And the most adorable little elephant that was one day old. It kept toppling over! I find it amazing that on the road you can see cars, tuk tuks (three wheel motorized carts) and bikes, and monkies and elephants! Just an average day here in Kandy!! One of the great things about being in a country where many people speak english is that you learn so much more. We spent an amazing afternoon chatting with 5 adorable young boys (20) and they sang songs for us and told us stories. I also found it interesting that as of January 2007 they have made it illegal to smoke on the street in Sri Lanka. Which is quite commical because the only place you can smoke in Toronto is on the street! Tomorrow I am off to the higlands to do some hiking. The weather has been so so! Quite a bit of rain but it hasn't stopped us. Our timing has been good and lucky! Getting my laundry dry was a whole other story! URGH! Internet is sparse and expensive except in the big cities which I won't be in for awhile. But I will try to write again soon.
I don't find Sri Lanka to be a poor country but the cities are nothing to write home about. In the middle of Kandy is a beautfiul lake and today I saw it on a sunny day which made all the difference. Okay all! They are closing the internet cafe now. Chat soon, Love, T