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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Jan 2007

Location: Highlands, Sri Lanka


This is a short story but a funny one! I now have the answer to this question. I was in a place called Dalhousie where I did this incredible climb up 5200 steps up to Adam's Peak and sacred pilgrimage site starting at 2am and arriving at 5:30am to watch the most incredible sunrise. I stopped for two tea breaks and regular stretching because Elana Grossman and I both know that stretching is the key to any long journey! NOT THAT IT HELPED! 5 days later and my thighs still hurt! Up was hard but down was HELL!!! Either way the sunrise was well worth the hike. Okay, getting back to the story. So the night before my hike I met these guys who were eating this incredible BBQ chicken dinner and boiled vegetables and potatoes. It looked amazing (and I have to say it is rare for me to get a decent meal in Sri Lanka, I don't even like the rice or noodles!) So I ordered the same meal. And then I wait and I wait and I wait! And out comes my meal boiled veg, potatoes and two boiled eggs! So now you know the eggs come first NOT the CHICKEN! We all had a good laugh. The owner and wife were heading to a party and I think they couldn't be bothered to make me chicken. Oh well! Just another travel adventure.
Rachid and I have spent the last week up in the higlands hiking and admiring the incredible mountainous country side. I have also seen my first tea plantations. They are quite incredible. 4kgs of leaves makes one kg of tea. We went on a tour of a tea facotry. Interesting! We also got invited to a Hindu wedding. We ate luch took pictures and gave them a small gift! I have now returned to Kandy to pick up my India visa and later today I will trek back across the country to meet up with Rachid and head to one of the many National Parks! And then it is off to the beach! After I get off the internet I am heading next door to book my India ticket. I grow more nervous with each day! I have heard sooooo many stories! I know I am a tough cookie but am I tough enough for India?? I guess time will tell! Love, T