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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 Jan 2007

Location: Tangalle, Sri Lanka

MapHello All! I know my blogs have been infrequent lately but here I am alive and well. I am really enjoying Sri Lanka. The people are wonderful. Everbody has these wide amazing smiles. The children are more than happy to say hello and rarely say give me money!! The bus travel has been fun and a good chance to socialize with the locals. It is also quite cheap. I have now seen one of the best signs I have ever seen. I was on a bus and didn't get a picture but it went like this: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: Sun, Fun and NO GUNS! Pretty funny eh! I thought so! We have left the highlands which is sad. It was cool and sunny and amazing. I really loved it up there. We spent a day in a National Park on a jeep safari and I am not sure how I did it many days in a row in Africa. Angie L did I go totally stir crazy??!! It is a bumpy ride, pretty hard on the body! On the upside I did see a leopard up close and two bears and an elephant with tusks and alligators, hundreds of spectacular colourful birds, mongoose, monitor lizards, and other fun things! It was a good day but a long one that started at 5am and returned us home at 8pm. The area has had tons of rain and getting in and out of the park is a bit of a problem. Even our four wheel drvie jeep got stuck along with about 15 other jeeps. After wiating over an hour they finally got a tractor in to help pull the cars out of the mud! Never dull! All part of the travelling fun! We have finally arrived at the beach and once again the weather has turned grey and rainy! Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day! Fingers crossed! I am in a city that was hit by the Tsunami. Some of it has been rebuilt and other places not! I have booked a ticket to India for February 4th! Ready or not here I come! The hardest part about travelling Sri Lanka has been the food. Miss Princess Picky Eater has really suffered. Every meal is a mystery and rarely what I expect or enjoy. It is helping the weight loss! The other day I ordered a beef dish and instead of telling me they didn't have beef they brought me fish instead! Sort of like the chicken/egg thing! I can only imagine what India will have in the food category! Time will tell! Anyway, that's all for now. I am well and happy and will hopefully spend a few days relaxing in the sun (if there is any) before heading to India. Take care, Love, T