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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Jan 2007

Location: Tangalle, Sri Lanka

MapHello All! I am in a little beach town called Tangalle. I have been here for two days relaxing! Sort of! It is funny because what you expect a small beach town to look like is never what you actually get. It is really just another small Sri Lankan town. Many shops with things hanging out the open doors. Most of them dark and hot no air con anywhere. They sell all sort of junk. Rarely what you are looking for. But the beach is incredible and goes on and on and on for about 20kms without a break! We walked a long way yesterday. When we were hot we stopped to swim, but the wind was blowing and the waves were huge. So we waded at the waters edge get knocked over and covered in sand in places I would really rather not have sand! It was good fun, and definitely good for a few laughs! The sea is not your friend, it is sooooo powerful as teh people here in Tangalle know first hand! They were hit quite hard by the Tsunami and the shells of many buildings are living memory of that day! Yesterday on our way back to our amazing guesthouse right on the beach for $7 (together not each!) we stopped at the Ganesh guesthouse and restaurant. There we spent the remainder of the day relaxing, talking and looking at pictures of before and after the Tsunami. The boy who was serving us was picked up by the way, carried over buildings, a lagoon, mangrove trees and plunked down 1km away on the main road. He had a cut in his arm the required stitches but that's it! He is one lucky man! Many people here have stories like that. The hotel next door had 14 staff and only 7 lived! Scary! Even though it is over cast I still have caught some sun. I rarely sit out and sunbathe. I finished the book Shantaram and I truly loved every single one of the 955 pages! I highly reccommend it! Tomorrow we are off to another beach called Marissa which is suppose to be even better that this one! Chat soon. Love, T