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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Feb 2007

Location: Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

MapHello All! Not sure what I wrote last but I am now on my third beach in the last 9 days! First we went to a beach in a town called Tangalle. We had an amazing room and great ocean view and I caught my first glimpses of Tsunami damage. Then we went to a long peaceful, quiet, incredible beach called Marrisa. The water was mostly calm except for that one wave the scooped me up and tossed me around like I was in a washing machine and then spit me out with sand in places I would have really rathered there was not sand. I know the ocean and I didn't panic. It was all over in about 15seconds! But boy what a ride! Now I am on the surfer beach. It is also many kms long and full of guesthouses and restaurants and clothing shops. It is the first beach town I have seen in Sri Lanka. I knew sooner or later I would hit a little backpacker tourist haven! I said goodbye to Rachid last night, boo hoo! He was an excellent travel buddy! This morning I walked the km to town. You would think it wouldn't be soooo damn hot at 9:30am but I am dripping sweat! I got sucked into buying baby formula for this guy. They are sooooo poor and I am such a softy. Except that it cost $9U.S.! Ouch! Didn't want to give that much but it was hard to say no! Twins (6 months old)! Okay, so it is my good deed for the day! I am heading to the beach now! I leave for India at 6pm on Sunday! Chat soon, Love, T