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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Feb 2007

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

MapHEllo all! Well after three nights of partying I have finally left the beach. After saying goodbye to Rachid I had to go out and make new friends. Boo Hoo! But I did meet some exceptional young women. One is named Anna and she is working in Abudabi at an international school. She is a snow white look alike and has a very dry sense of humour and kept me cracking up from the moment I met her. I also met a girl named Rowan (22) and has been to Sri Lanka three times now. Both girls have local surfer boyfriends. A local surfer guy hit on me but I delcined the offer! Not my type! I did enjoy the party scene, not much inclined to drink the local moonshine (Arrack) but found my own mischief! No worries! This morning a I caught the bus back to Colombo, bye bye beach! I will head to a beach in India eventually but not likely for the next few weeks. I have to play tourist first before I earn my beach break! I am now at the airport and my plane is delayed which totally sucks. I don't want to arrive in India too late. I haven't booked a room yet! Oppps! I am certain it will be fine I am arriving in a big city. I have been given sooooo many suggestions of things to see and do. SO I am certain I will be busy! I will leave you all with a little tidbit or two. The other night Rachid and I went to this crazy devil dance. This was not for tourists. This woman is really haunted by the devil. So they get drums and masks and dancers and this goes on the entire night in hopes of scaring the devil out of her. It was quite a sight. We stayed till 3am watching. Also just another Asian tidbit. The buses here are totally crazy and there bus manners are none existant. So much for let people get off before they get on, or letting someone out of the seat before you step on them and literally push you aside to get that seat. Also they drive with the buses packed with people. There can be as many people standing as sitting and all the while the doors are wide open. I can just picture people going flying out if the bus crashes! Just one more thing that is different. Chat soon, Love, T